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Since 1975, Princeton Tec has developed its products for the outdoor sports enthusiast. Princeton Tec's 31 year journey has pushed the limits of self discovery and provided light to those who have explored all ends of the Earth. This spirit of adventure and history of meeting challenges continues to drive the growth and development of Princeton Tec and its products.

Princeton Tec celebrates 30 year anniversary in 2005princeton tec apex pro
BORDENTOWN, NJ.- ""For thirty years Princeton Tec's goal has been to support the outdoor community by building products for the people who use them. Outdoor enthusiasts do not restrict themselves to just one type of recreational activity, and neither has Princeton Tec. Our products are designed to enhance all outdoor activities, crossing the boundaries from scuba and water sports; to camping and backpacking; to snowsports; alpine sports and road biking. Princeton Tec customers are people who just want to be outside, taking advantage of all that nature has to offer. We are proud to have been able to support the people who share our ideals and look forward to 30 more years of adapting technology to our customers needs."
- Bill Stephens, President and Founder

Ed Viesturs reaches summit of Annapurna - Achieving lifetime goal;
Sponsor Princeton Tec joins in celebration

TRENTON, NJ. (May 12, 2005) - TRENTON, NJ.- (May 12, 2005) The employees from Princeton Tec, sponsor of world renowned climber Ed Viesturs, are celebrating today. At approximately 2 p.m. Nepal time, the word came in that Ed Viesturs had reached the summit of Annapurna, becoming the first American to summit all 14 8,000-meter peaks.

princeton tec sponsorViesturs' deferential manner and sensible approach in high risk situations has made him a long time favorite in the outdoor industry. Hailed as "one of the strongest high-altitude mountaineers", by National Geographic, the mountaineer is best known for his heroic efforts on Mount Everest in 1999, during the fateful disaster which killed Ed's friends, climbers Rob Hall and Scott Fischer, as well as seven other climbers.

Eighteen years ago, Viesturs set out on his Endeavour 8000- a person mission to climb all of the world's 8000-meter (26,250 feet) mountains, without the aid of supplemental oxygen.

"It is just so fitting that his quest should end at the summit of Annapurna", said Dave Cozzone, National Sales Manager for Princeton Tec, "the peak that started his lifelong quest." Inspired by French climber, Maurice Herzog's account of the first ascent of Annapurna at the age of 16, Viesturs has credited Herzog for launching his desire to become a mountaineer.

The New Jersey based company has sponsored Viesturs since 2001. "Since 1975 it has been Princeton Tec's goal to develop products for the outdoor sports enthusiast who pushes the limits of self discovery and to provide light for those who have explored the ends of the earth," said Cozzone. "Ed Viesturs personifies that spirit of adventure and history of meeting challenges."
When asked what the company will do to celebrate, Cozzone laughed and replied, "Well, the employees all wanted the afternoon off, but we are in the middle of our busiest season. Instead, a group of us will meet after work and raise our glasses in a toast to Ed's amazing achievement."
Princeton Tec is proud to share that Ed was wearing their Yukon HL headlamp during his ascent.

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