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Princeton Tec Quad

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princeton tec quadAt a mere 3.4oz, the Princeton Tec Quad is the lightest in Princeton Tec's line of regulated LED headlamps. Four ultra-bright LED's power through the darkest conditions.

The LEDs are safe forever inside a tough waterproof housing that will survive severe impacts and water submersions up to 1 metre. The wide beam of the Quad is perfect for tasks around camp and is bright enough for technical scrambles and brisk runs on dark trails. Weight conscious users will love the Princeton Tec Quad’s sophisticated circuitry that allows the use of lithium AAA batteries. Princeton Tec reduced the Quad’s weight to 82 grams and significantly increased the regulated burn times on all modes. Equipped with regulated LEDs that maintain constant brightness and a battery power meter, this light just may be smarter than you are.

Princeton Tec Quad specifications  

Power: 45 Lumens
4 Ultrabright LEDs
Burn Time: 110 Hours
3 AAA Alkaline or Lithium
Class I Division 2 Groups A, B, C & D
Class II Division 2 Groups F & G
UL Temp Code CODE: T4

Princeton Tec Quad performance
High Beam Setting: (36m range) Battery time: 1h
Medium Beam Setting: (25m range) Battery time: 10h
Low Beam Setting: (17m range) Battery time: 31h
Flash Beam Setting: (36m range) Battery time: 5h

For more images and detail click here to see the Princeton Tec Quad web page

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About Princeton Tec

Since 1975, Princeton Tec has designed products for the outdoor sports enthusiast. Princeton Tec's 30 year journey has pushed the limits of self-discovery and has provided the light for those who have explored all ends of the Earth. The spirit of adventure and history of meeting challanges continues tp drive the growth and development of Princeton Tec and its products.

Princeton Tec Quad Reviews
"A very good headlamp and a definite step-up over other 4-LED 3xAAA cell headlamps. It provides good light and decent runtimes with multiple selectable brightness levels. A good flood-type companion to the PT EOS." Click here to read the full Quad review

"What I Liked: Waterproof to 1 meter, Tough/impact resistant, Current based regulation, Good battery life, Bright, Easy battery change, Lightweight, Accepts alkaline, lithium and rechargeable batteries, Easy to use. What I Didn't Like: Not a thing.
" Click here to read the full Princeton Tec Quad review.

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