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princeton tec scoutThe Princeton Tec Scout is an unbeatable lightweight backup or primary light. Features 2 Ultrabright LEDs, 3 modes, flash mode, and hat clip attachment.

The terms ultralight and compact are redefined with the Princeton Tec Scout headlamp. Weighing approximately 45 grams, it?s small enough to fit into your pocket and forget it?s there. The unique hinged lamp housing allows you to direct light where you need it. Or, you can easily detach the light from the head strap for use on your cap, backpack strap, belt or other gear. The Princeton Tec Scout sports three levels of light output and two emergency signaling modes which are quickly accessed by a single button. Four tiny lithium coin cell batteries keep the Princeton Tec Scout ultralight, ensure reliability in extreme cold weather, and pack up to 48 hours of burn time.

Princeton Tec Scout specifications  

Power: 16 Lumens
Lamp: 2 Ultrabright LEDs
Burn Time: 80 hours
Batteries: 4 2032 Lithium Coin Cell (included)
Weight: 45 grams

Princeton Tec Scout performance
High Beam Setting: (17m range) Battery time: 24h
Medium Beam Setting: (10m range) Battery time: 36h
Low Beam Setting: (7m range) Battery time: 48h
Fast Flash Beam Setting: (14m range) Battery time: 50h
Slow Flash Beam Setting: (14m range) Battery time: 70h

Besides the Princeton Tec Scout we also sell two other Princeton Tec headlamps. The top end Princeton Tec Apex and the mid level Princeton Tec EOS.

About Princeton Tec
Since 1975, Princeton Tec has designed products for the outdoor sports enthusiast. Princeton Tec's 30 year journey has pushed the limits of self-discovery and has provided the light for those who have explored all ends of the Earth. The spirit of adventure and history of meeting challanges continues tp drive the growth and development of Princeton Tec and its products.

Princeton Tec Scout Reviews
"+ + + Pluses: Water resistant, Long battery life, Lightweight, Multiple lighting modes." Click here for full Scout review

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