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Wenger Alinghi Ranger

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wenger alinghi ranger

Wenger's most recent New Ranger line is created for specific use (e.g. for hunters, fishermen, walkers, handymen,...) one of which is the Alinghi knive.

This special-edition sailor’s knife has been developed in conjunction with Alinghi, the Swiss yachting team that won the 32nd America`s Cup. Wenger designers have reworked the geometry of the blade to achieve greater resistance. Given its intended use in a salty environment, the knife has been subjected to stringent anti-corrosion tests performed by Empa, the Swiss national materials testing lab. The intermediate plates made of aluminium have been treated with new anti-corrosive agents.

The Wenger: Alinghi Ranger comes with:
  - A main serrated blade providing greater effectiveness. The end features a standard cutting edge. The blade has a safety lock. Once opened, it locks to lie flush with the handle, and can be released by pressing on the Swiss cross. Yachting use: in case of emergency, a yachtsman can sever cordage immediately. Single-hand opening When circumstances require, the yachtsman can open the knife with a single hand thanks to the opening mechanism located at the base of the blade – a shark's fin.
  - Shackle opener. Used to open shackles (type of hook with a pin).
  - Marlin spike. Used for splicing (joining two ropes by interlacing their strands).
  - Universal pliers, 100% flexible, with pointed ends A jack of all trades. The serrated edges make it possible to pick up small items. The largest teeth can be used as nut wrench. A wire-cutter is included at the base of the pliers. The pointed ends can also be used to slacken cordage.
  - Three screwdrivers. Two self-locking, flat screwdrivers, one Wenger patent and one cruciform Philips screwdriver.
  - Texture of the handle. Ribbed with a criss-cross structure at the front and a wingwalk structure at the rear ensuring a really good grip. The contours of the handle have been enhanced to improve their ergonomics.
  - A cap lifter.
  - Logo: Swiss cross. Also used as a button to release the blade.
  - Length Open: 220mm
  - Length Closed: 120mm

About Wenger

Wenger, founded in 1893, is located in Delémont in the Swiss Jura region. The majority of its 200 employees are residents of the area, which is also home to various high-precision industries (watchmaking, machine tools, microtechnology, microelectronics...). It is therefore not surprising that the taste for innovation, precision and expert craftsmanship, as typical local values, inspire the company’s own industrial culture. Just as WENGER originally gave the Swiss knife its main functions and current shape – with flat sides – with which it is so well known today, so now we have sculpted the shape that it will have tomorrow.

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