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Wenger Ultimate

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Price - £59.50 (including P&P)
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wenger ultimateChances are that your father had a Wenger Swiss Army knife, and his father had a Wenger Swiss Army knife. But neither had anything like this.

When it comes to reliability in use, it's the superior quality materials, high precision construction, functional advantages and solid the strength of Wenger Ultimate pen knife that makes all the difference. Every function in the Wenger Ultimate pen knife is perfectly integrated, readily accessible, practical to use and absolutely efficient.

The Wenger Ultimate Swiss Army Knife is the perfect choice for the customer looking for a ultimate full sized (9 layers) Swiss army knife with essential knife blade and screwdrivers. Also features a bottle opener, can opener, thread guide, metal saw, wood saw, scissors, compass, pliers and more.... This is the ultimate, most populated full size Swiss Army Knife.

This Swiss Army Knife comes in a Wenger Swiss Army Knife attractive gift / presentation box.

The Wenger Ultimate comes with:

- Length: 85mm
- No. of Layers: 7
- Large Blade
- Can/Bottle Opener
- Corkscrew
- Wood Saw
- Nail File/Cleaner
- Safety Lock Screwdriver
- Reamer
- Scissors
- Toothpick and Tweezers
- Keychain
- Magnifying Glass
- Precision Screwdrivers
- Metal Cutting Saw
- Pliers
- Tag Clamp
- Outside Wire Cutter
- Inside Wire Cutter
- Wrench
- Fish Scaler
- Fish Disgorger
- Compass
- Measuring Scale (cm & inches)
- Phillips Screwdriver - Locking

About Wenger
Wenger, founded in 1893, is located in Delémont in the Swiss Jura region. The majority of its 200 employees are residents of the area, which is also home to various high-precision industries (watchmaking, machine tools, microtechnology, microelectronics...). It is therefore not surprising that the taste for innovation, precision and expert craftsmanship, as typical local values, inspire the company’s own industrial culture. Just as WENGER originally gave the Swiss knife its main functions and current shape – with flat sides – with which it is so well known today, so now we have sculpted the shape that it will have tomorrow.

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